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What's the Focus?

The majority of people I know want to take good photographs.  They do not want to be professional photographers. There are books suggesting a great deal of time reading and studying them will result in mastering  photography,  but lots of unused camera equipment is taking up closet space, because the owners do not have the time those books require.  I teach basic techniques that will help you take good nature photographs faster than you likely expect.  You won't be a professional, but you WILL be enjoying photography--and enjoying compliments from friends and family.  (That part is fun too.)  When you experience the photographs on this page, how do you feel?  People who experience your photographs should feel that way too.

​​​We bring the experiences of a lifetime and skills we have developed over time to what we do.​​ A love and respect of nature, as well as a desire to learn more about the interconnectedness of all life, led me to pursue my degree in biology.  I applied it several ways eventually using it to teach science.  My passion for nature, understanding principles of science there, teaching, and encouragement of friends, colleagues, and students led me to take up nature photography professionally.  Pictures and photographs are different.  We admire pretty pictures.  Photographs move us.  We feel involved in the scene.  We travel in our minds.  It is that involvement I hope for everyone who sees my photographs, takes workshops, acquires my art, or learns in other ways.