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May 17

Firm up Matter: 8.P.1.3,4 (Matter: Properties and Change)  PA2JU2 

May 15  

Short Firm Up Day 1 - 8.P.1.1,2 (Matter: Properties & Change)  WY3KU4T 

May 14

Short Firm Up 8.P.2.1,2 (Energy) & 8.L.5.1,2 (Molecular Biology)  TE4KA5D 

May 11

Short Firm Up 8.L.4.1,2 (Evolution & Genetics) RA2TA2JA

May 8, 9, and 10

​Short Firm Up 8.E.1.1,2,3,4 Earth Systems, Structures, & Processes  WA4FE9DE9

If you finish the Short Firm Up above, go to the Firm Up Packages Page and answer questions on a Firm Up you have not completed.  Choose a Firm Up on which you feel you need the most work. 

Weekend + May 7th  Short Firm Up 8.E.2.1,2 (Earth History) Online Passcode: QU2PY4BU9

If you finish the Short Firm Up above, do the following Firm Up. Firm up for Standard 8.E.1.1 (Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes)   PU7JU4

If you have problems getting in, let me know and I will help you.  

Mr. Berry