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Gravitational Potential Energy Formula

The energy possessed by an object because of its position in the gravitational field is called Gravitational potential energy. The most common application of gravitational potential energy can be applied to the objects that are over the Earth’s surface where the gravitational acceleration can be assumed to be constant at 9.8 m/s2.

The zero of gravitational potential energy can be chosen at any point like zero of a coordinate system, the potential energy at a height h above the point is the amount of work required to lift the object to the desired height with no net change in kinetic energy. Since the force needed to lift is equal to its weight, it uses that gravitational potential energy which is equal to the weight times the height to which it is lifted.

The Gravitational potential energy of the object of mass m is defined as the work done in moving that object from infinity to a particular point by the effect of gravity.

Gravitational Potential Energy Formula is expressed as:

GPE = mgh

where GPE is Gravitational Potential Energy

m = mass

g = 9.8 meters / sec/sec (or per second squared)

h = height of the object