===========   INSTRUCTIONS   ===========

1. Go to Graham Middle School homepage

2. Scroll down and click on Clever

3. Click on Achieve 3000

4. Click on Log in with NCEdCloud

5. Choose your science class from the dropdown menu.  BE SURE TO SELECT YOUR SCIENCE CLASS--NOT ANOTHER CLASS YOU ARE IN.

6. Click Login

7. Select the article "Germs at Home."

After selecting the article, complete the work given on the following tabs:

- Before Reading Poll

- Article
 - Read the article completely.

   - Click the Blue icon under each section.  There will be 3 choices (Summarize, Questions, and Setting the Purpose.)

   - Click on SUMMARIZE and write a summary of the text in the section above the blue icon.

   - Click SETTING THE PURPOSE and write notes on the section to be used when you write your thought question.

   - Remember to save what you write in SUMMARIZE and SETTING THE PURPOSE before going to the next paragraph.

NOTE: You do not have to fill out the QUESTIONS section, but you may use it to type questions you have about the content in the section.

- Activity

- After Reading Poll

Thought Question

 - Answer the thought question completely.  Use the information you wrote in the SUMMARY BOXES and the SETTING THE PURPOSE boxes to compose your answer to the Thought Question.

   - Your answer should reference only the assigned article. (Germs at Home)

   - Your answer must addressYour answer MUST BE at least 3 full paragraphs.  Each paragraph must be at least 5 sentences, begin with a topic sentence, and end with a sentence summarizing the paragraph.

   - Write in formal style using full words (not words and/or abbreviations such as are used in texting.)

   - AFTER you finish writing the paragraphs, read what you wrote and eliminate the word “THAT” if the statement still makes sense.  If the statement would not make sense, find another word to use instead of using “THAT.”

   - Finally, before submitting your answer to the thought question read it one more time to check spelling, correct for mistakes, and make improvements to what you wrote.

Poll Results


Stretch Article

   - Read the article completely

Stretch Activity


When you have finished the Achieve 3000 assignment above, they are to work on the SchoolNet assignment.   The code to access the assignment is NU5ZE6BU

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