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Real Estate Photography (Services and Pricing)          J. Warren Berry     (336) 266-0005

             *** Ask about DRONE Photography Services ***

                         Traditional (still) Photography Services

First house shot per agent includes all  *Additional Services  at no extra charge

Rapid turnaround times (picture files delivered same day via Internet to agent or designee)

Customer Service to Homeowners while photographing their houses

Real Estate Photography using Fine Art Composition yielding faster buyer response

All HDR Photographs

Post Processing of HDR Photographs

Web-ready Photographs Same Day


Front of the House  1 View

Back of the House   1 View

Additional outside views if there are special features        2 Views

Kitchen, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Living Room      3 Views Each

Remaining Rooms (except bathrooms and utility rooms)  2 Views

Bathrooms  1 View

PRICING for Individual House

Standard Views, Post Processing, up to 25 web-ready HDR photographs (first hour) - $150 

Additional HDR Photographs (above first 25) - $2 each

Each Additional hour (after first hour) - $100

(Invoices for each house are delivered via email to simplify your accounting)


  8 - 14 Houses per week   10%

15 - up Houses per week   20%

Agents in the same agency may combine houses to qualify for discount levels

* Additional Services

1.  Measuring Rooms (details sent via email) - $10 per house

2.  Brief Description of Each Room (details sent via email) - $15 per house

3.  20 Page Hardcover Photo Book (buyer’s names and address on cover) - $90 per book

                - includes a blank page for the agent to write what they wish

                - pictures in the book are taken from the original shoot

4.   Ask about special needs.  If possible they will be included at no extra charge.  

   Special quotes for business properties, large properties, and unusual properties (such as luxury homes)