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  Class You           Text Code Below

Want To Join            to 81010

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1st (First)                 @7k93863

5th (Fifth)                 @e2f726d

6th (Sixth)                @96kdh3

7th (Seventh)           @d2g74h4

If the you have a problem with the above codes, call (928) 263-6102 for help signing up.

REMIND is a great way for me to send mass messages, such as homework, assignments, announcements, etc. to classes and parents without knowing anyone's phone number.  Parents can keep up by getting a text every time a message is sent to their student.

Science is lots of work, but it is lots of fun too.   If you want to join REMIND to keep up with what is happening, text the code beside the period you are (or your student is) in to 81010.   Then follow the instructions.  Make certain to sign up for the right class, so you can receive the correct messages.